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Odesk WordPress Test And Answer 1. You want to schedule a backup of your site database but do not have enough permissions to access your host. Which of the following choices can help you perform this task? b. Install “wp database backup” plug-in. 2. Which of the following actions must be performed before upgrading WordPress? f. a, b, and c 3. Which of the following files must be deleted after installing WordPress? d. None of these files. 4. A possible way to install WordPress in your language is to _________________. a. manually install language package or translate as necessary 5. Which of the following actions must you perform to move your site from “/wordpress” to “/blog/wordpress”? c. Update the database. 6 .On which of the following databases can WordPress be installed by default? a. MySQL 7. WordPress’s requirements are modest. At minimum, your server should support: b. PHP version 4.3 or greater, MySQL version 4.0 or greater 8. Can you Override database values for your site URLs in wp-config.php? a. Yes 9 .After moving a WordPress site to a new host. If you changed your site’s URL. Do you have to update your posts and pages to correct paths to your uploaded media files? a. Yes 10. Is it able to run more than one site/blog from a single installation of WordPress? a. Yes 11. What is the first action you need to take for enabling WordPress MU feature? c. Add this code to wp-config.php file: define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true ); 12. Which of the following actions must be performed before enabling the Network feature? b. Deactive your plugins 13. Is supper cache a built-in plugin of WordPress? b. No 14. After how many times did you enter an invalid password, your IP Address would be locked? e. no limit 15 .Super Cache compression can cause problems if your server is _______ c. already compressing output using mod_deflate (on Apache) or PHP compression (zlib) 16. Can you choose your username during the installation process from which version? c. 3.0 17. Can you move your wp-config.php file to the parent directory without changing any settings? b. Yes, provided that you are installing WordPress in your web root directory (such as public_html). Otherwise, it is imposible. 18 .Can you move your wp-content folder elsewhere or rename it to something else without changing any settings? b. No 19. A possible way to collect real-time statistics about traffic to a WordPress site is to: b.use a plug-in 20 How can the use of html code in comments be disabled? c.By changing the theme’s source code. 21. The date/time format of a WordPress site can be changed in __________________. b.admin settings 22 _________________ is a good way to improve the performance of a WordPress blog. c.Installing the “wp super cache” plug-in 23. Which of the following blog sites can be imported into WordPress? d.Opera 24. Which of the following actions must be performed to import data from c. Login, then export data by export tool, and import a exported xml file to your site. 25 Which of the following data can you import from Blogger site? c.Posts, comments, and users 26. Can you import content from joomla or mambo site into wordpress? a.Yes 27 Can you import content from static HTML files into wordpress? a.Yes 28 Which of the following actions must be fixed after importing data into wordpress? d. All of above data 29. How many built-in user roles does WordPress have? 4 Note: they are “Administrator”, “Editor”, “Author”, “Contributer” and “Subscriber” 30. Can users change their avatar on profile setting panel? b.No 31. Can you add an extra fields to user’s profiles (as birth day, birth year,..)? a. Yes 32. ____________ can do anything in the WordPress administration area: write, edit, and delete posts, pages, links, and comments; upload media files of any type; import content; manage the Dashboard; create, edit, and delete other users; enable and configure plugins and themes; change the site’s theme; and manage all the available options. Administrator 33 ____________ can publish, edit, and delete posts and pages written by any user. They can upload some kinds of files, and they can write HTML without restrictions. They can manage links and categories, and they can moderate comments. Editors and administrators are also the only users allowed to read private posts and pages. Editor 34_____________ can publish, edit, and delete their own posts. They cannot write pages. They can upload some kinds of media files, and they are allowed to use only the limited set of HTML tags. Author 35 ____________ can write their own posts but may not publish or delete them. Their HTML is limited to the set of allowed tags and they cannot upload media files. Contributor 36 ____________ can manage their own profiles, but can do virtually nothing else in the administration Answer: area. 37. User Level 0 converts to … Answer: Subscriber 38. User Level 1 converts to … a. Contributor 39.User Level 3 converts to … Author 40.User Level 7 converts to … Editor