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Posted by on Jun 22, 2013 in Elance Test | 0 comments

WordPress elance test And Answer

If You have Right Answer Please mail at Might be some answer wronge so Please help to right. Question: What is the name of the theme file for a page with slug ‘about’? a.            page-slug-about.php b.            page-about.php c.             about.php Question: Which of the following theme files can be used to customize the “page not found error” error page? a.            index.php b.            404.php c.             functions.php d.            page.php Question: In which version of WordPress were custom taxonomies introduced? a.            2.3 b.            2.7 c.             2.8 d.            3.0 Question: User Level 3 converts to … a.            Contributor b.            Author c.             Editor d.            Subscriber e.            Administrator Question: Can you create a specific theme file for a custom content type? a.            Yes b.            No Question: ____________ can do anything in the WordPress administration area: write, edit, and delete posts, pages, links, and comments; upload media files of any type; import content; manage the Dashboard; create, edit,...

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